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Bulk Actions


Bulk actions allow you to enable or disable certain permissions simultaneously for all audience members in session.

Granting specific permissions, individually, to audience members can take up a lot of time. If you’re moderating a session with many participants in attendance, our¬†bulk actions feature¬†can be extremely useful when enabling/disabling audience permissions.

To access bulk actions, simply open the¬†Participants’ panel¬†and hover over the¬†Audience¬†section. Click on the ellipsis (three dots) that appears on the right side, and you’ll see available bulk actions depending on already enabled permissions.


Here’s an overview of all bulk actions:

1. Give broadcast permission to the entire audience:¬†once you’ve opened the bulk actions menu, you can enable broadcast permissions for all attendees by clicking on this option if not yet enabled.


2. Muting the microphone for all broadcasters: if broadcast permission is on and users have forgotten to mute their mics, click on this bulk action to avoid unwanted background noise.


3. Ask all broadcasters to turn the camera on or off: depending on preference, you can request that users enable their video, or you can remotely turn their cameras off if already in use.


4. Remove broadcast permission from the entire audience: if broadcast permissions are no longer needed, you can easily remove them using this bulk action.


5. Give and remove presentation permissions: if your participants need to share content with other audience members, you can set presentation permissions for all attendees. You can also remove this permission accordingly.


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