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In-Room Navigation

Here’s a brief walk-through of the available functions once you enter into a Moonlight VC session (or “room”), broken down by those available to Speakers¬†and those available to¬†Audience Members.

Speaker Only:

1. Camera: clicking on this icon allows you to toggle your camera on or off.

2. Microphone: clicking on this icon allows you to mute or unmute your microphone.

4. Participants: view and manage the list of other speakers and audience members in the session.

7. Screen Share: this allows you to share your screen with the rest of the audience and speakers.

8. Whiteboard: annotate your screen and/or documents with the audience.

10. Live Streaming: broadcast your meeting live to Facebook or YouTube.

11. Recording: if you need to record the meeting, click here! Your meeting will automatically be saved to your Moonlight VC account and will be accessible in your Account Center.

12. Invite Participants: invite a new audience member to an ongoing session.

Speakers and Audience:

3.¬†Leave/End Session:¬†as a speaker, this button will end the session. If you click on it as an audience member, you’ll leave the session.

5. Conversations: an in-room chat channel to exchange comments with others in a session.

9. Content Library: upload images, documents, videos, and even create polls.

13. Settings: adjust audio, video, resolution during a session. Speakers can enable other features.

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