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Invite Participants


There are a couple of ways to invite participants to your meeting.

Send an email invite:

  1. While in a session, click on theĀ Invite ParticipantsĀ iconĀ Ā located at the bottom of the left sidebar.
  2. AnĀ Invite peopleĀ box will open.
  3. Add the participants’ email addresses to theĀ Invite people by emailĀ field and hit “enter.” They will receive an email with aĀ join linkĀ that takes them directly to your meeting.


Send an invite link:Ā 

  1. Follow steps 1-2 mentioned above.
  2. You’ll see two share options:Ā linkĀ andĀ password.
  3. Copy the link,Ā and send the link to the participant.
  4. Copy the password,Ā and send the password to the participant.

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