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This feature allows you to manage anyone wishing to join a session.

When the lobby feature is enabled, participants will show up in the lobby list and be held in the lobby room. In the participantā€™s panel, you will have the option to allow certain participants to enter your meeting or remove a participant from the list.

Enabling the Lobby


During the SessionĀ ā€“ If the lobby was not enabled during scheduling, you can turn it on at any time during your session. To do this, click on theĀ participants’ icon, then click on theĀ lock/unlock iconĀ at the uppermost right side of the participantā€™s panel.


Accessing the Lobby

Upon entering the meeting room, click on theĀ ParticipantsĀ icon. A green dot to the left of this icon indicates that the lobby is active.

TheĀ Participants panelĀ will appear, showing the list of speakers and users waiting in the lobby.


Managing who enters the room

When the lobby is turned on, all the participantsā€™ names will be listed under theĀ Users Waiting in the LobbyĀ section in the Participants panel. From there, you will have the option toĀ Allow user to enter the room,Ā Remove participant, orĀ Allow all users to enter the room.


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