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Managing your Content Library media files

Use folders in the content library to keep your documents sorted!

  1. Once inside of your session, click on the content library icon.
  2. Click the blue Create New button. Then click New Folder, and name the folder.
  3. To add files to the new folder created, you can do two things:
    1. If the file is already uploaded in the content library, click the¬†…¬†¬†next to the file. Then select¬†Move to,¬†choose the folder you wish to move the file, and click¬†Move.
    2. If you would like to upload a new file to the folder, click¬†…¬†¬†next to the folder name and click¬†Upload File.¬†Choose the file, and voila!


Deleting a folder or media file

  1. Once you’ve identified the file or folder you wish to delete, hover over it and click the¬†‚Ķ¬†icon that appears on the right.
  2. Select .
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