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Sharing your screen

One of the most useful functions in Moonlight VC is the ability to share your screen with other meeting participants. Once inside your session, begin by clicking on the  button on the left-hand menu bar to share your screen,

You will be able to choose one of three options:

  1. Your Entire Screen: this option allows you to share everything that is showing on your desktop.
  2. Browser Window: this option allows you to select a specific program and only share that selection with your audience.
  3. Browser Tab: this option will allow you to select only one tab from the ones you have open in your browser to share with your audience.

The only thing that the rest of the participants will be able to see during the meeting will be whatever option you choose to share. All the other applications that were not selected will not be seen.

Once you have clicked on Share, a green dot will appear by the screen share icon . This will indicate to you when your screen is being shared with other meeting participants.

Ending Screen Share

To stop sharing your screen, simply click the  button again.

Alternatively, when sharing your application window or entire screen, you can click the blue “stop sharing” button at the bottom of your screen:

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