Media Sharing & Content Library


Make Your Presentations Much More Effective


With Moonlight VC you can launch PowerPoint slideshows, PDF documents and much more. You will have a personal Media Library where you can store all of your content with as much storage as you need so its always on always available to be shared with your audience.

Collaborate on spreadsheets, discuss graphic designs or share your sales pitch

Share HD Images

Share PowerPoint slideshows, high definition images, PDF documents, videos and more in real-time.  A simple intuitive control element allows you to manage your presentations simply and effectively.

Your Personal Archive Always available

Simplify management and reduce the preparation time of your online training.  Moonlight VC allows you to store your content in a personal Media Library. When in a live video conference, if you want to show a file to your audience, select it from the list of files in the Media Library and make it visible to everyone.


You can update, edit and save every comment and graphic note or edit on your documents.  By recording the live video conference session, you will keep every track of your personal notes which can be made available to participants for subsequent playback views, saving a lot of time and energy.

Share Audio, Video, Text, Spreadsheets, Databases And Even YouTube Videos

With our content library, you are able to share various files with your audience. You can upload images or videos and play them directly in your Moonlight VC session. When you share a PDF document, image, presentation or similar file type, you can even use our annotation tools. These can be used to highlight a specific element, add text to a document or collaborate on an idea. Use your files just like you were sitting together with your audience in the same room in front of your computer.

The content library is available during any webinar or video conference.


To organise your content efficiently, you can create folders.


Upload any of our supported file types or add a YouTube video.


Show previously uploaded files to your participants In beautiful HD

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